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Thank you for your interest in joining Grape Society 52 at one of our wine tasting events. 

Please Carefully Read the Following BEFORE Reserving an Event

While wine always has a unique way of bringing people together, there are unfortunately a few house keeping rules we need to ensure everyone is aware before  joining us for our events.

  • GS52 is a NOT for profit group that hosts events which are meant to bring people together from various walks of life who all have a common love for Wine and a desire to learn more about it.

  • While our events may be hosted in various establishments where children are typically welcome, the events themselves are generally held in smaller confined rooms with a focus on Wine and Food paring thus requiring us to limit our events to individuals 21 & OVER ONLY.

  • Due to the increased interest in our events and the costs to the vendors hosting them for us, all event fees will be collected up front at time of RSVP; Event fees do not include gratuity.

  • All reservations are final and all fee's collected are paid directly to the vendors hosting the events. 

  • Event locations are private. Each guest will receive a private email notification 48 hours prior to the event with the specific event location.

  • To find out more information about upcoming events or to register for an event, use the link below.

  • Alternative transportation or a designated driver is highly recommended as you will be drinking alcohol.

Grape Society 52 highly recommends the following local and family owned driving services.

  • Star Limo Transportation Service - Call or Text 602-317-5689.

  • Platinum Concierge Transportation Service - Call or Text 508-802-1276

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