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Blue Cape Cellars

🍷Hello WINE lovers🍷

Meet my new friend, Kim Hartleroad of Blue Cape Cellars. Last night my friend John Krause introduced us. Little did I know Kim is an Arizona winemaker.

Mr. Hartleroad began his career in the 80’s. His passion for great premium wine was evident when he traveled to Napa Valley, CA.

Blue Cape Cellars name and logo were created in honor of Kim’s late mother, Aletha. We sat and enjoyed a glass of his Pinot Noir as I listened to his fascinating and heartfelt stories of his mother and family. What an incredible experience it was for me.

Kim and his team earned a double gold medal in 2012 for his PInot Noir creation and later received a bronze medal for his reserve Pinot Noir.

If you haven’t tried their wines, definitely check them out! They’re full body with rich ripe fruits... absolutely amazing and budget friendly. That’s a win win in my book!

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